Atari lite-C
Lightweight Casual Game Development System

The game programming language lite-C was developed by Conitec in cooperation with Atari, Inc. It is intended for quickly and easily developing graphics or virtual reality applications - such as 2D or 3D computer games - even without previous programming knowledge. Sounds, images, movies, user interfaces, 2D and 3D models, collision detection, rigid body physics, multitasking, and DirectX functions are already a native part of the language. Therefore, a few lines in lite-C achieve results that would require hundreds of source code lines with normal C/C++ compilers. This makes it a perfect system for creating casual games.

Lite-C is also an ideal solution for learning programming. Its syntax is similar to the C/C++ programming language, but much easier - and more fun - to learn. Anything that's scary to a beginner, like memory and pointer handling, is automatically managed in lite-C. No crashes, memory leaks, and pointer arithmetics anymore!

The lite-C package contains a complete development environment with 3D model and terrain editor, code editor, compiler, debugger, an integrated 3D engine, a physics engine, many samples including DirectX and OpenGL programs, and a tutorial with 24 easy workshops.


Extended C syntax, easy and transparent multitasking
Compiles on the fly to machine code
Easy integration of external APIs (OpenGL, DirectX) with DLL or COM interface
Powerful ABT (Adaptive Binary Tree) rendering engine
2D and 3D sprites and models, vertex and bones animation
Programmable particle effect generators
Rigid body physics and collision engine
Terrain-based game levels and BSP-based Gamestudio levels
Layered sky system with sky cubes, sky domes, clouds and backdrop images
Shadow-throwing point and spot light sources
Built-in vector, matrix, physics and collision functions
GUI objects with button, slider, gauge elements, Truetype and bitmap fonts
Supports all DirectX 9 functions
Play functions for sound, music and movie files and CD tracks
Syntax-highlighting script editor with single-step debugger
Free level / model / terrain editor and importer
Small footprint - ca. 20 MB only (without editors and demo games)
Small requirements - runs even on old machines (such as P3-500 / Riva TNT2)
Extensible: Vertex/pixel shaders, network functions...
Supported file formats: FBX, 3DS, X, OBJ, ASE, MAP, MDL, MD2, FX, BMP, PCX, TGA, JPG, DDS, WAD, MID, WAV, OGG, MP3, MPG, AVI.

Lite-C in Education
With a syntax similar to C/C++, but much easier to use, lite-C is an excellent choice for programming courses. Developing computer games is not only the best introduction into programming for students, but also an exercise in planning, organising, and team work. The lite-C programming language is already used in hundreds of schools and universities world wide.


Lite-C Free Version (~60 MB)
The free Gamestudio / lite-C version can be used to create and publish unlimited applications even for commercial purposes. Contains the development system, the A7 VR engine, and the MED and WED model and level editors.

Lite-C Workshops (~15 MB)
Get introduced into game programming in 24 easy lessons. Starting with variables and functions, over programming user interfaces up to creating 3D worlds with physics and collision detection.

RACER Demo (~10 MB)
Vehicle demo created by Czeslaw Gorski, featuring a dangerous race track through desert and woods, over broken bridges and along an active volcano. Joystick is recommended.

System requirements
P3-500, 512 MB RAM, CD-ROM, 3D video card (32+ MB).
Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Vista and DirectX 9.0c or above.
Supported file formats: FBX, 3DS, X, OBJ, ASE, MAP, MDL, MD2, FX, BMP, PCX, TGA, JPG, DDS, WAD, MID, WAV, OGG, MP3, MPG, AVI. More formats through 3rd party import filters.


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